Isaac Hagaman Collection

Items from the home of the library’s benefactor, Mr. Isaac Hagaman, who provided the funding for the current building built in 1928, have been housed over the years in the upper rotunda level display cases and conference room of the library.  In addition to items  from the Hagaman homestead, built in 1769 (no longer standing) items donated by other individuals such as George Kirkham, Edwin Gustafson and George Chidsey have also been housed in the museum areas of the library.  In recent years, two of the horizontal display cases from the upper rotunda have been moved to the front entrance area of the lower rotunda in order that  people may view these items as they enter the library.

The Virtual Museum is an attempt to locate museum items that have been scattered over the years in various locations in the library,  and present these items for public view as well as to create an interest in objects we may now view as quaint and curious. It is also an attempt to determine which items, are now missing.   

Contents  of the Historical Room (Top Floor)

Antique Furniture – 1 couch and 3 chairs

The following items were originally listed as along the South Wall, as stated items over the years have been scattered about the library.

2 Framed Oil Paintings, lady & gentleman of Hagaman’s family 

1 Candle Mold donated by Beth Taylor,  September 1956

2 Pictures of Hagaman Memorial Library, 1928

1 Snap-shot Picture of East Haven Green, January 1st, 1947

1 Framed Picture of the Thompson House on Park Place

1 Metal Framed picture of Mr. Isaac Hagaman

1 Framed Picture of the Fulling Mill, later Grist Mill, about 1900

1 Picture of the Albemarle Hotel of the Hagaman Brothers, N.Y.

1 Coffee Mill about 1850, Philadelphia from Mrs. Walter Wyllie

1 Wooden Music Box of 1897 and 24 brass records

2 Framed Pictures of East Haven Fire Department with 2 pieces of fire apparatus

1 Framed Picture of Atwater’s Store on Main Street, 1900

1 Large Old Map of Dutchess County, N.Y.

2 Framed Pictures of many years ago of Mr. Isaac Hagaman

On the West Wall 

A Framed Oil Painting of the Isaac Bradley House on Main Street built in 1683

On the North Wall Balcony Case                                                                                                                                        small glass shelf

1 Old Metal Nutmeg Grater

1 Indian Spear Arrowhead, donated by Mr. Canna

1 Leather Drinking Cup used in the South after the Civil War

1 Scrimshaw

2 Children’s Magazines dated: 1841-1844

Bottom Shelf

3 Pictures   1 of Thompson Avenue looking North

                        1 of Carriage Factory about  1905 (185 Main Street)

                        1 of Building the Trolley Track to Saltonstall Park 1894

North Wall

Balcony Case

4 Post Cards-  1 Boating & Diving on Waters of Long Island Sound

                             1 Baldwin’s New Bath House, Momauguin, CT

                             1 East Cosey Beach Avenue, Momauguin, CT

                              1 Air View of Momauguin on the Sound

1 Small Glass Framed Picture of Miss Lottie Street

1 Hand Lantern With Candle from Mr. Lewis Borden

Pantalettes used by East Haven girls about 1850

4 Hand-Embroidered Bonnets from the Hagaman House about 1843

A 1917 List of 24 East Haven men who enlisted

1 Old Foot Warmer of Metal & Carpet from Mrs. Emily Creamer (used till 1881)

1 Copy of the New Haven Evening Register, June 6, 1944 (France Invaded)

1 Picture of the 4th Public School in Foxon built in 1891

1 Picture of Middle School in 1878 located at about 49 High Street, East Haven, CT

1 Album of photographs, given by George C. Kirkham about 100 years ago

1 Album of 50 Friends and Townspeople of George C. Kirkham 100 years ago

1 Holy Bible, 1854 from Ivy Lou Bradley Stone who started the Library Building Fund

1 Picture of the Dike on Farm River, East Haven

1 Picture of the Old East Haven School on Main Street opposite East Haven Green, 1876

1 Mortar and Pestle, gift from Mrs. Emily Creamer

Along the East Wall

1 Album of 39 Pictures from Mrs. Howard Doolittle, Momaguin

1 Broken Wooden Box

1 Broken Doctor’s Kit

1 Collier’s Photographic History of World War I

1 Box of Old Papers of the the late Seymour P. Bradley

1 Box of Old Papers of the late Hiram Jacobs, County Commissioner

1 Old Empty Wooden Box

1 Broken Wooden Crib

1 Broken Wood Glass Counter Clock by New Haven Clock Company, 100 years ago

1 Large Child’s Album With Many Colored Pictures Pasted on the pages from the late Mrs. Doolittle

1 Box Containing a Very Old Woman’s Gown

1 Register Book for the Albemarle Hotel

1 Record Book of Entries for Court Cases in 1878

Along the East Wall

1 Sales Record Book for a Grocery Store in 1803-1827

2 Large Framed Water Color Paintings

1 Large Framed Army Certificate, 1867

1 Large Broken Picture of Inside an Italian Castle

1 History Book of Wallingford and Cheshire, 1870

5 Volumes of Common School Journals 1854, 1855, 1857, 1860, 1861

1 Picture of the 20 Mule Team by Atwater’s Store on Main Street, East Haven

1 Picture of an Unknown Woman

1 Pictures of an Unknown Fisherman

2 Small Framed Pictures of a Lady and a Gentleman

Leaning Against the East Wall

1 Large Oil Painting of Stone Bridge over Farm River near the Old Mill given to the Hagaman Library by Mr. John Lewis Chidsey of West Haven, 1950

1 1830 Cradle Made by Joel Hint of Cheshire

1 Low Rush Seated Small Chair

1 Pennsylvania Side Chair – Mid-18th Century

1 Pembroke Table

Inside Balcony Case Number One

Top Shelf

17 Item Map of Original New Haven Area made in 1952

17 Sea Shells

1893 Columbian Exposition Booklet

1 Glass Walking Cane

1 Metal Oil Lamp

1 George Washington Metal Plaque marked 1731 – 1932

2 Snuff Boxes 1 Wood, 1 Metal

Middle Shelf

1 Box of 8 Christmas Tree Electric Lights, 1911

1 Piece of Cloth from a Civil War Blanket

1 Piece of Flag Staff from Fort Sumter, 1861

1 Piece of Flag from Fort Sumter, 1861

1 Piece of Rock from the Hoosick Tunnel

1 Oyster Shell

6 Small Mineral Rocks

1 Deck of Ancient Playing Cards

1 Petrified Rock

1 Old Compass of Divider found in North Branford

1 Scale and Weights

1 Model Showing of the Buildings of Main Street about 1800

Bottom Shelf

1 Short Piece of the Atlantic Cable, August 1858

4 Pictures of Gladstone’s Castle in England

3 Clearing House Certificates, March 7th, 1933

2 Hand Made Wooden Rakes

6 Small Wooden Tools for Hand Weaving

Yarn and Materials for Hand Weaving

On Floor

Corner Stone for the Hemingway House Built in 1773 that stood on the South West Corner of Main and Thompson Streets- torn down in 1936

1 Old Mortar Stone Found in Foxon by Mr. J. Canna

1 Old Stone Showing the Footprint of an Animal

Balcony Case Number Two

Upper Shelf

1 Bottle of Arrow Heads Found in Bethany, CT

1 Old Spoon Found on Land Near Momauguin

Many Arrow Heads and Knives made by Indians years ago in the East Haven Area found by Edwin Gustafson, Mrs. Minnie Bartlett and Miss Clara Street

Numerous Stone Hammers, Arrow Heads and Other Indian Relics from George Chidsey in 1954

2 Photos Showing Cradling Gold and A Stage Coach at Sutter’s Fort, Sacramento, CA

17 Hand-Wrought Nails Used While Constructing the Old Stone Church in 1774 taken from the rafters when the building was renovated in 1934

Bottom Shelf

1 Frame Church Copied from the Old Stone Church by Jack Hobro

1 Pair of Civil War Spurs

1 Part of a Hand-Wrought Shingle from the Old Stone Church

1 Emblem from a Civil War Cavalry Officer

1 Leather Civil War Cartridge Box

1 Piece of a Gun Carriage at the time of the Civil War

1 Leather Holster and Sword used in 1861

1 Metal Shield

2 Cannon Balls found in 1945 in East Haven

1 Piece of Plank from the Rebel Steamer, the Merri??

1 Civil War Bayonet and Leather Holster

2 20 Pound Cannon Shells

Balcony Case Three

Top Shelf

Pictures taken from the steeple of the Old Stone Church of the East Haven Town Hall and the Hemingway Tavern

1 Shingle That Came from the Old Chidsey House that stood for nearly 150 Years at the Corner of Main Street and High Street. The house was torn down in 1929. 

2 Wooden Pins that were used when building the Old Chidsey House

1 pair of Amy Forbes Bradley Wedding Slippers

Middle Shelf

1 Hand Made Knife used to cut up food by the women in East Haven about 1800

1 Silver Bowl

2 Old Style Bottle With Glass Stoppers used to keep hard drinks

1 Foreign Made Vases

Bottom Shelf

1 Old Musical Instrument

1 Old Sword and Leather Holster used by the Horse Guards in Connecticut about 1860

1 Old School Bell used to be rung by the school teacher in East Haven about 1800

1 Floor Warmer that was carried to church during the Winter before 1800. It has a tin container of heart design. Hot coals were inserted in the same to keep the feet warm by its owner.

Balcony Case Number Four

Top Shelf

13 Pictures-

1 Post Card “The Momauguin”

1 Picture of a Sharpie Along the Bank of Farm River

1 Post card of East Cosey Beach Avenue, Momauguin

1 Picture of the Dam on Farm River Near the Old Mill

1 Post card of the Grove at Momauguin

1 Post card of the Rocks Along the Shore at Lighthouse Point

1 Post Card of the Bathing Beach at Lighthouse Point 

1 Post card Airview at Momauguin on the Sound

1 Post card of Momaguin

1 Picture of a Large Group of Men, owned b Mrs. Andrews

1 Picture of the Old State House on New Haven Green, 1860

1 Picture of Mrs. Nellie Green Talmadge December 18th, 1910

1 Picture of the Grist Mill and Wagon Factory about 1860

Middle Shelf

1 Picture of Townsend Avenue at Morris Cove about 1870

1 Picture of South-end of Lake Saltonstall

1 Picture of The Old Mill and Dam on Farm River

1  Hartford Newspaper March 22nd, 1845

1 Framed Picture of Lighthouse about 1850

1 Picture of the Original Wood Bridge over Farm River 1850

Bottom Shelf

1 Framed Photograph of an East Haven Band, taken years ago

1 Framed Photograph of Johnson’s Grocery Store on Main Street near the stone wall

1 Framed Photograph of the Wagon Factory that occupied Hosley Block

1 Picture of th Early Grand Avenue Bridge about 1860

1 Discharge Paper of a Captain in the Union Service, October, 1860

1 Draft Paper for Connecticut at the time of the Civil War, 1861

Balcony Case Number Five

Top Shelf

3 Pairs of Old Skates made of wood and leather with metal runners

1 Framed Note by Winfield Scott September 10th, 1864

3 Wooden Instruments used to make butter

1 Original (Miniature) Metal Sewing Machine

Middle Shelf

1 Set of Two Fireplace Bellows

1 Metal Fireplace Tongs

6 Pieces of Metal Foreplace Hangers

1 Metal Iron Fireplace Ladle

Bottom Shelf

1 Gentleman’s Traveling Case with 3 Compartments

1 Ship’s Manifest Paper Signed by President James Monroe

2 Very Old Metal Swords with Wooden Handles

1 Unidentified Small Round Basket

Balcony Case Number Six

1 Dark Glass Rum Bottle

China, Glass and Silver from th Old Isaac Hagaman Homestead

16 Cups

20 Saucers

33 Small Plates

2 Large Plates

1 Platter

1 Teapot

1 Creamer

2 Sugar Bowls

1 Large Fancy Pitcher or Jug

Framed Pictures on the East Wall

1 Early Photo of the Farm River Bridge with the Old Mill and the Chidsey House, 1850

1 1874 Centennial of Old Stone Church – 3 Views

1 Photograph of the Stone Isaac Bradley House built about 1683 on Main Street West of Farm River

1 Photograph of the Original Quinnipiac River Bridge about 1800

1 Photograph of the Old Road from Branford to East Haven 1860

1 Photograph of Stone Bridge over Farm River  1860

1 AKAO Society Jamestown, VA Ruins of Old Church Tower

1 AKAO Society Independence Hall, Philidelphia, PA

Framed Pictures on South Wall

1 Picture of Jesus Talking to the Teachers in the Temple, from H.H. Bradley

1 Framed set of 3 pictures of Momauguin in 1915

The East Haven Exchange Club presented to the Library

There are 21 Mounted Photographs of famous or important recoreds pertaining to American evnets and people, displayed on the North, East and Sourth walls of the Balcony

1 Large Glass Mirror with Gold-leafed Frame against the South Wall that came from the Hagaman House

1 Broken Wood Spinning Wheel near the mirror

1 Wedding Dress of Isaac Hagaman’s Mother 1840

3 Very Old Baskets in the South East Corner of the Balcony

1 Very Old Painting of a Dog by George B. Butler Jr.

On the North Wall

1 Framed Picture of the Lafayette House on Main Street

On the West Wall

2 Framed Maps of East Haven 1 about 1860   1 by Donald Chidsey about 1936

On the floor-A Tombstone of Mrs. Isaac Goodsell 1753