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The Hagaman Memorial Library serves the East Haven community with a collection exceeding 70,000 volumes. Materials for preschoolers through adults fill its shelves. Access to magazine & newspaper articles, databases and books at other Connecticut libraries is available through ResearchITCT, Connecticut’s digital library.

Annual Report to the Community FY2017-2018

Annual Report to the Community FY2016-2017

Library Strategic Plan: April of 2018-April of 2019

Hagaman Library Strategic Plan 2008-2012


In 1909, East Haven was one of 15 Connecticut towns without a library. The state offered to furnish a case of books if a responsible person to take charge could be found. Miss Lottie Street volunteered and on July 1, 1909, the first library in East Haven opened for business in a coatroom of the old town hall.

Within two years, this location became overcrowded. The board of directors leased a small, one-story structure behind the Kirkham building. In 1917, the library moved once again to the old post office building. It remained there until it moved to the present location in 1928.

The current library building was erected in 1928 thanks to the generosity of Mr. Isaac Hagaman. An addition to the original structure was completed in 1975.

Children’s Services

The first mention of children’s programming occurred in the 1923 annual report. At the request of the State library, the East Haven Library celebrated Children’s Book Week and for a short time tried to schedule story hours. These were soon discontinued due to lack of facilities. At the same time, the librarian asked for suggestions for books needed in schoolwork. Cooperation between the library and schools was another state requirement.

In 1926, the East Haven Public Library Bulletin  listed titles  by Louisa May Alcott, Rudyard Kipling, Mark Twain and Jules Verne. There were many books that were probably considered the “Sweet Valley High” of the time, among them “Carolyn of the Sunny Heart” and “Peggy Stewart at School“. Preschoolers would have found few picture books on the shelves.

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Murals painted by Charles D. Hubbard

Mural Pamphlet

1929 Library Minutes – Vote on Commissioning Murals

Letter from  Mr. Charles D. Hubbard to Library Secretary and Treasurer, Mr. Ellsworth E. Cowels- accepting commission

Thank you note from Mr. Charles D. Hubbard

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About the display cases in the rotunda.

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