Internet Use Policy – 12/07/17

East Haven Public Library Inc./Hagaman Memorial Library


As part of its commitment to provide all residents with authoritative and timely information to support daily living, occupational interests, educational pursuits and intellectual curiosity and in response to advances in technology, the Hagaman Memorial Library offers Internet access.


Because the Internet is a vast, unregulated medium, the Hagaman Memorial Library cannot control and is not responsible for the content, accuracy, currency or appropriateness of material found online. Individuals must accept responsibility for evaluating content.  The Library has adopted and supports the principles found in the Library Bill of Rights and its interpretation: Access to Electronic Information, Services, and Networks. Internet users at the Library are advised to be good information consumers, questioning the validity of the information they find.  Library staff is available with resources to help Internet users find suitable information.


The Hagaman Memorial Library takes a variety of measures to protect your privacy when you use library computers, however, privacy cannot be guaranteed. The Library recommends patrons do not use the library network or computers for financial transactions or other activities where sensitive personal information could possibly be disclosed.  The Library accepts no liability for any loss of privacy or data customers may experience or any damage or harm arising from such loss. The Library is not responsible for the privacy practices or security of any web sites accessed by customers.


As with all library materials, restriction of a child’s access to the Internet is the responsibility of the parents or legal guardians. The library staff cannot and does not act in loco parentis.


It is not acceptable to use the Internet for any purposes which violate U.S. or state laws to transmit threatening, obscene or harassing materials, or interfere with or disrupt network users, services or equipment.


Users shall not attempt to violate the computer security systems or attempt to access the hard drive, other files, networks or computer systems of the Library. Illegal activities or activities intended to disrupt network services or equipment are prohibited. Illegal acts involving Library computing resources may be subject to prosecution by local, state or federal authorities.


The Library’s Internet workstations are in public areas and are shared by patrons of all ages. All patrons are asked to refrain from accessing potentially offensive information or images. The Library has installed content filters on Internet access to its own computers and this is stated in the Library’s Internet Safety Policy, which is to be consulted as an applicable policy in setting enforceable parameters for the use of the Internet at the Library.


Internet access in the library available on its computers is subject to supervision.  The Library reserves the right to engage in monitoring activities, both electronic and non-electronic, at its sole discretion and without further notice unless otherwise restricted by law.  Such practices may include, but are not limited to, those for the purpose of monitoring the nature and quality of our services, and the security and the conduct of people on our premises.

Internet privileges will be suspended if, in the opinion of the Library Director, use and/or behavior at the Internet workstations is not in accordance with this policy and/or the Internet Safety Policy.



Internet Access Procedures and Guidelines

  1. Use of Internet workstations is on a walk-in basis only.
  2. All users must log in with a public library card valid for use at the Hagaman Memorial Library. Users’ library cards should be in good standing, which is not having fines exceeding $5.00 on their library account, in order to use the Internet. If users do have fines exceeding $5.00 they must go to the circulation to discuss their library account and their use of the Internet at the Library.
  3. A visitor who does not have a public library card may receive an Internet guess pass at the circulation desk for 1 hour.
  4. The Library’s Patron Behavior Policy applies to the use of the Internet workstations at the Library.
  5. All users must have basic computer skills, including the ability to use a mouse. Patrons not having basic skills should contact the Reference Librarian to enroll in the computer basics class offered by the Library. Patrons needing help finding information should consult the reference librarian.
  6. Access to the Internet is limited to 1 one-hour session per day, including time required to print. However, the patron may request at the circulation desk to continue to use the Internet past the time limit, provided there are no other patrons waiting to use the computer.
  7. Users must save their work (i.e. documents. etc.) to a removable storage device (such as a USB drive), or a cloud service, since your work will not be saved, or be able to be retrieved, when your Internet session ends. The Library sells USB drives at the circulation desk.  Also, if a user wishes to extend the time of their session, they need to do this at the circulation desk at least 10 minutes before their time expires; if a session ends before a time extension is granted, your work will be lost and cannot be retrieved if you have not saved your work to a USB drive or cloud service.
  8. Earbuds for listening are available for sale at the circulation desk
  9. There may be a maximum of two people at a workstation at one time
  10. Users will immediately notify a Library staff member when they encounter any computer malfunction.
  11. The Library does not assume responsibility for access to information, or the misuse of information, that other Internet users may find on the Internet workstation computer when previous Internet users did not properly log out of their e-mail accounts and out of their Internet sessions. Internet users are to log completely out of their e-mail accounts when done, and are to log out of their Internet session when done.
  12. Internet users will be charged $.15 per black & white and $.50 per color page for printing.
  13. Misuse or abuse of the computer or Internet access, including but not limited to viewing pornography, will result in the suspension of Internet privileges.
  14. Library users are not allowed to use Amazon’s Prime and Apple’s iTunes content (i.e. music, video, etc.) on the Library’s public access computers for playing, downloading, or burning CDs.



Accepted by the Hagaman Memorial Library Board of Trustees 9/17/98

Amended by the Hagaman Memorial Library Board of Trustees 4/15/99

Amended by the Hagaman Memorial Library Board of Trustees 11/15/01

Amended by the Hagaman Memorial Library Board of Trustees 6/17/04

Amended by the Hagaman Memorial Library Board of Trustees 6/16/05

Amended by the Hagaman Memorial Library Board of Trustees 2/18/09

Amended by the Hagaman Memorial Library Board of Trustees 6/16/2011

Amended by the Hagaman Memorial Library Board of Trustees 10/20/16

Amended by the Hagaman Memorial Library Board of Trustees 12/07/17