Teen Murder Mystery Party -“Wanderstar” – October 5th at 5:30 PM

Enjoy an evening of mystery! Take on the role of a unique character and unravel the clues to find out who among you is the murderer! We’ll be playing through “Wanderstar” by Foulplay Games!
The Story: In The Outskirts of the Frontier Star System, the crews of The Empress and The Calamity Jane have put aside old rivalries to apprehend infamous outlaw, Kaelen Longherst, and collect the bounty from Enforcer Barclay at Doublestar Cantina, a watering hole in Lone Rock Port well-known for attracting smugglers, gamblers, merchants, and crew members alike. But the past is not easily forgotten, and long-buried secrets and a mysterious lost treasure threaten to up the stakes.
What To Expect: Foulplay murder mystery parties are unscripted, which means while you will have a character background that includes personality traits and goals to accomplish, but how you do so is up to you! Everyone will be assigned a character and you will “act” as your character throughout the party. The murderer knows they are the murderer and is trying to cover their tracks while the other players try to figure out whodunnit!
Open to teens age 12 to 18, registration required. Costumes are encouraged but not required – The mystery has a ‘Sci-Fi Western theme’. Sign up by calling the library at 203.468.3890 or by contacting the teen librarian via email at ekalotai@hagamanlibrary.org.