Fuel Assistance Information for CT Residents

Operation Fuel:

https://operationfuel.org/gethelp/: Operation Fuel is the country’s oldest fuel fund, serving as a model across the United States. Our primary purpose is to provide year-round emergency energy assistance to every city and town in Connecticut, aided by our statewide network of local fuel banks. We are the primary source of energy and utilities assistance for low- to moderate-income households who are struggling financially and have exhausted other options.

Energize CT: 

Energize CT enables residents in Connecticut to easily compare all their energy options. As the state of Connecticut became deregulated, its residents are able to choose their electricity supplier the same way they choose their suppliers for anything else. Energy deregulation in Connecticut opened up competition for energy suppliers, driving down pricing and allowing CT residents to shop around for electricity. The enrollment process is easy, seamless and digital. There are no phone calls to do and no appointments to make. There are also many different and competing energy suppliers in CT and it is not usually easy to determine which one might be the best option or the cheapest one. EnergizeCT provides transparent and instant solution to compare electricity rates online.